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As well as males.

Yesterday's ten coordinated terrorist attacks in Mumbai brought to mind my life-changing 1998 visit to the port city on the western coast of India. Here on this Thanksgiving Day in America, please allow me to recreate the scene for you. Try to image yourself at my side as we go back in time. But as a church where do we draw a line in state matters such as these? Should education of the issue be as far as we go, should we stay out of it altogether, or should legal action be taken? Of all the traveling I have done in my life I have heard people asking one question constantly. It doesn't matter if you are religious or not. We all want to know "What is the meaning of life?" I myself have asked that question a thousand times. In the Old Testament the priest were actually taught how to praise God and the first thing that they were taught was how to "Towdah" how to give SACRIFICIAL PRAISE! That means praising God when you don't FEEL like it, ESPECIALLY when you don't feel like it! This is the first ascension of praise on the way to experiencing worship! Think of this: how much of the world, of the laws of the universe, of nature -- whether here or beyond Earth -- have we discovered? I believe the answer is: very little.