Jessica Tangelder

Jessica is the creator of HOST as a leading expert on how the framework has evolved to meet the needs of today’s leaders, teams, businesses, and societies.

The social technique / methodology has been developed in 2013 and formalised in 2019 with the HOST board and has since then been applied by forward-thinking leaders and “change” consultants across industries and sectors around the world. To not only provide the systems and structures that help people, businesses, and societies to transform, but to provide a universal framework that provides the human-centered conditions - mindsets, behaviour, and cultures - to drive human-centered transformation and make change work.

HOST has been adopted in industries such as finance, healthcare, higher education, and digital/IT and as a “change” framework that drives human-centered transformation, it complements and leverages the impact of existing change frameworks such as lean, scrum, agile, and holacracy.

As the CEO of HOST2Transform International and senior HOST “change” consultant, facilitator, designer, trainer and coach at HOST, Jessica setsthe vision to successfully humanise leadership and business by driving human-centered transformation.

Via the podcast “HOST2Transform Talks” she interview leaders of transformation and continues to share the best practices to drive true transformation and scale people, business, and societal impact, around the globe.

Each year she helps update the HOST Guide and writes extensively how to provide the minimal framework (the what and why) for maximal freedom, innovation, purpose, and engagement for teams and people to figure out about work in self-improving ways and figure out the execution of the “how”. She has a multidisciplinary background being a Sociologist, Organisation Anthropologist, Entrepreneur, Applied Improvisation theatre practitioner, and master in International Relations. This enables her to look at the world systemically, through multiple lenses that bring clarity and an inclusive approach for today’s complex challenges that urges for shared people, business, and societal action and responsibility.

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