The Board of Experts

Proudly we present our HOST board of experts
purpose-driven to contribute to transform people,
businessES, and societies.

Marjolein Maree

Brings in over 25 years experience as a global management consultant, facilitator, trainer and executive coach HOST Board member. She has built various global blended leadership development programs for large corporates across the globe.

“The international oriented business and people approach is making HOST2Transform an attractive partner for all your change programs. Jessica and her colleagues from all over the globe are wonderful guides in these programs and a great source of inspiration.”

Dick Rüger

Brings in his expertise in executive coaching, agile leadership, agile team coaching and scrum, particularly, in which extent the frameworks empower the business as much as the people.

He has over 20 years of experience working for large corporates in finance and banking. On a daily basis he has experienced the urge for leaders, teams, and organisations to truly transform, however, it’s often mindsets and culture that blocks a large organisation to transform, lead, and thrive in new industries.

“I collaborate with HOST because I believe in their organic, open, and human-centered approach. HOST is a renewed concept that looks beyond the standard elements of change. With HOST you can become a true and authentic leader to help people, teams, organisation and society to transform in an agile and sustainable way. The diversity of tools, trainings, designs, insights and coaching that HOST offers makes it a tailored made and flexible program that caters for your specific needs.

Peter Taks

Humble social serial-preneur and leader with heart. Over 20 years expertise in jurisdiction, conflict resolution, international change management, and consultancy.

His multiple talentedness and curiosity shows by being chair of various board serving art, homeless, justice, and business.

He helps boost the HOST philosophy to drive human-centered leadership with his humble but result-oriented coaching approach and wide network of experts.

Erik-Jan ten Broeke

Generous and human-centered sales operator in consultancy, e-learning, leadership and development, agile and scrum strategy and coaching.

His drive to connect with people and first create community contributes to the HOST blended learning programs.

Growing a global community made out of HOST ambassadors with human-centered sales practices is key to help HOST grow as world’s first business ecosystem that enables change consultants and business leaders scale their people, business, and societal impact, with ease and joy.

"A two-day training about an interesting new change framework. 1 week intensive implementation support from a framework expert. Ready to go!…Not… The desired transformation never took place. Even worse, the intrinsic motivation disappeared in a snap. This is a good example of my experiences with the training industry until now.

Host2Transform - luckily -is different. They really take care of true transformation. Regardless which model, theory or framework. How they do it? By focusing on the conditions to make change work; well-being of people who are responsible for transformation (e.g. employees, managers, coaches) the mindset, behavior and culture for transformation, creating change from the inside-out while connecting change to business strategies for scale. By giving a lot of insights about humans and human interpersonal behavior to communicate. It gives you a better understanding of people and the relevant practices and meta-skills to help them connect with themselves and each other. Only then, real transformation can succeed!"